Qld Project Managers

Staged Management of Project Delivery

Our Project Delivery is structured around distinct phases. Segmenting a project into smaller manageable portions allows performance to be measured, monitored, challenged and continuously improved. The blocking of the project into stages also allows rigorous gateway reviews to ensure world's best practice level of service to our clients.

1. Conceptual Project Development

  • Development of Scope of Work and Project Brief
  • Formation of a Strategic Plan
  • Preliminary Estimates and Investment Analysis
  • Timelines and Milestone Targets
  • Business Risk Assessment and Action Plan
  • Gateway Challenge and Review

2. Project Design and Project Engineering Management

  • Management of Design and Specifications
  • Management of Estimates
  • Value for Money Tests and Final Budget
  • Preparation of detailed Schedule
  • Prepare detailed Risk Assessment and Action Plan
  • Undertake Stakeholder Assessment and Action Plan
  • Obtain Statutory Approvals
  • Challenge and Review

3. Project Procurement and Project Controls

  • Preparation of Tenders and Contracts
  • Tender Appraisal and Award
  • Tailoring of standard procedures and controls
  • Challenge and Review

4. Management of Project Execution

  • Monitor Mobilisation
  • Set up Meetings and Reporting Structure
  • Report progress against Schedule
  • Ensure Contractor meets Statutory Obligations
  • Management of Variations and Claims
  • Monitor and Report Costs against Budget
  • Manage NCR's and Defect Rectification
  • Development of Commissioning Plan
  • Challenge and Review

5. Management of Project Commissioning

  • Management of Commissioning Phase
  • Development of Defects Register
  • Management of Process Tests and Design Reviews
  • Challenge and Review

6. Managing Handover

  • Verify Statutory Certificates and Handover Documentation
  • Monitor completion of Defects
  • Provide Completion Certificate
  • Challenge and Review

7. Managing Project Close Out

  • Completion of Financial and Due Diligence commitments
  • Monitor Demobilisation
  • Submit Project Close Out Report including Lessons Learned